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Filter Testing Equipment

IFTS has the capability to design, manufacture and validate all types of equipment necessary for the characterization of separation products and the evaluation of filter performance. 

With the experience we have of the various types of test bench used on our own premises on a daily basis, IFTS offers you:

Filter Test Benches:
â—¦ Cartridge filters for hydraulic fluids, fuels and lubricants
â—¦ Benches that conform to the latest standards, with up-to-date equipment, and the most efficient measuring instruments and automations, all of which are rigorously validated and calibrated
â—¦ In-line particle counting cabinets in order to meet the requirements of the various multipass test standards in application

Benches for characterization of pulps and filtration media:
â—¦ Filtration-compression cells with simulation of industrial filter software
â—¦ Permeability-compression cells to optimize the choice of pre-coating layers and to simulate industrial centrifugal filters
â—¦ Compression and permeability benches

Benches for testing wear and tear in mechanical and hydraulic components

Materials for the Cleanliness Control of Mechanical Parts and Components: selection, installation and validation at your site of the most suitable extraction equipment for your parts and analysis of particulate pollution

Benches for injection of particulate contaminants for benches which test for wear and tear of mechanical and hydraulic components

Start-up and training on your premises

Links to organizations and their test standards for liquid filters